TK Product

Motorcycle Hire Purchase

 – Credit assessment open to all career field
 – No need of the pay slip
 – No need of the financial guarantor
 – Convenient payment with various channel of installment
 – Special offer for new car purchase to our current customer, who’s the installment is completed or nearly completed

Loan Credit & Motorcycle Registration Pledge

Customers or interested persons who urgently need cash or a short term loan please contact our officers available at 44 branches nationwide for instant cash services.
 – A limit of 8,000 THB
 – Monthly payment of 1,433 THB
 – Six months installment period

Customers or interested persons, who urgently need cash just show “the register” and your motorcycle which also be redeemed for “instant cash” at 44 branches nationwide.
 – A limit of 12,000 THB – 18,000 THB
 – Monthly payment of 1,455/1,555/1,655 THB depends upon approved amount
 – Limits to no more than 18 months installment period

Nano Finance

Nano Finance for self-employed persons and merchants who have no regular income generates career opportunities for people who start their own careers/businesses. No collateral is required for Nano Finance, this promotes people’s secure access to financial source and also leads to overall development of life quality and reduces the distress caused by informal loan.
– A limit of 100,000 THB
– One year installment period
– Interest rate as specified by the Bank of Thailand
– No collateral is required
– Credit approved within 3 days